Welcome To BagsBeGone.com!

*Learn how to recycle single use plastic bags (and other recycled materials) into durable, reusable, functional items.

*Schedule a workshop, share your ideas, and browse various resources about recycled art.

Note: With all that I’m currently juggling at the moment, I am struggling to keep this Website updated and respond to individual comments. Please reference the Contact page for the best ways to get in touch.

12 responses

  1. I think green is my favorite color on you!
    I would like to put together a workshop with an artist group I’m involved with when you get back from India. I will share your link!

  2. Thank you for charing with us!!! This is a great idea.
    I’m leaving in Africa and the need of reusing the plastic is enourms!!! So i started, as voluntaree, an atelier of recycling and on my web search for info your first blog appear.
    For sure i’ll contact u for more info.
    Thank you once again.

    • I don’t know of a place where you can buy plastic yarn. You can make it yourself, though, by cutting plastic bags in strips and looping them together (instructions on my site). That’s the process I use.

  3. I have started making chrochet items with used shopping bags.My main purpose is to protect the enviorment.I have started teaching interested people how to make things .But I have come across a prolem.what am I to do with the items.? I have given most of the things as gifts.
    But others might like to sell.As its time consuming will there be a market?
    Best regards,
    Hema Ranatunge.

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