New Plastic Bag Crochet Creation – Laundry Bag

I made this plastic bag laundry bag a while ago, but just now got around to taking a picture of it.

And after months and months of nonstop use, I can honestly say that this thing is durable! I primarily use it to lug my laundry around or to carry my clothes if I’m going away for a few days. But I’ve also used it to store food and cooking utensils when going on camping trips,  then flattened it out and used it as a mat to sit on if the ground is wet. It has many uses.

Basically, I love this bag and often find myself wishing I had a few more (which I’ll eventually get around to making). And I like that with the tan and brown earth tones, the bag appears to be made of hemp or twine rather than plastic.

2 responses

  1. Indian food is probably my favorite food. There are SO many creative dishes.
    I am going to try and learn from your link how to make a bag like this of my own. I have also had conservation on my mind, lately.
    I will also post this to my facebook.

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