Plastic Bag News – Fukuro Chan

Charles Ward, a resident of Matsumoto City in the Nagano Prefecture of Japan, has used manga to raise awareness of unnecessary waste. After biking across Japan as part of his activism campaign, he’s now promoting Fukurochan, a cute plastic bag comic strip character intended to encourage people to reduce the use of plastic bags. A full article about Charles Ward’s endeavors can be viewed here.

On my recent trip to Japan, I noticed that they have an extensive and complicated recycling system (which various from area to area). But I also noticed that with it’s craze for takeaway food, vending machine items, and pre-packaged meals…Japan also generates much more plastic waste than many counties.

One interesting thing about Japanese culture is that they have an intense fascination with all things “kawaii” (cute), which extends as far as giving faces to inanimate objects.

I think Charles Ward’s method of using cuteness to teach an ecological message in a way that is attractive to the Japanese is pretty genius.

One response

  1. They just OK’ed a plastic bag ban in California. This is a step in the right direction. Makes it a little harder for me to get materials, but that is fine.

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