Windy the Plastic Bag

I just heard this story on NPR’s program “All Things Considered.”

It’s about Kathy Frederick, a woman who has spent 2 years blogging about a plastic bag stuck in a tree outside her window. The bag’s name is Windy and Frederick even throws birthday parties for her.

I think Frederick’s blog is a cute, lighthearted way to create a dialogue about an otherwise gloomy topic. I’m certainly a fan of Windy the plastic bag.

You can stay updated on Windy’s life at Frederick’s blog, The Junk Drawer.

One response

  1. this is TOO funny! we have one stuck up high in one of our trees. for the first month or so, the dog barked like crazy at it. but, finally, even she became resigned to the fact that this plastic bag may ‘always’ be with us. it’s shredded somewhat with winter storms, but it’s still there. i sometimes wish i could find a material which was manufactured with the INTENT of holding on as tightly as this wayward plastic bag.
    jd in st louis

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