Crocheted Plastic Bag Shoulder Bag (made by Kisha of Serbia)

I recently received an e-mail from Kisha of Serbia.
She used the crochet shoulder bag instructions I provided on my site to make her very own colorful plastic bag shoulder bag.

The bag is actually the first thing she’s ever crocheted and she did a beautiful job!
Check it out:

Kisha said she was able to create the bag with my help and that of the theknitwitch (
She’s a 22-year-old English student who loves reading, doing yoga, meditation, drawing, music, making things, and being creative. She’s planing to do more artistic projects (perhaps making curtains). And if she ends up making any other interesting  things from  plastic bags, I would love to follow up on her projects and post photos of them on my blog. I’m sure she can make some pretty amazing things. 🙂

Here are some blurbs from the sweet emails she sent me:

I stumbled upon your website ( recently because I was looking for useful tips on what to do with extra plastic bags.Thanks to your PDF on how to make a crocheted shoulder bag, I managed to make my own which I’m very proud at 🙂 I just wanted to say thank you for being such a nice person and spreading your knowledge to others. I highly appreciate what you are doing and I wish you all the best! In attachment I’m sending you a picture of my very first crocheted shoulder bag, not to brag, but to make you feel good for teaching the people across the world.”

“I liked doing [plastic bag crochet] and the feeling when it’s done is even better. You have something in your hands that you’ve created yourself and didn’t have to pay anything for it (except for a crochet hook, which was really cheap)! So, I appreciate the whole thing as a beautiful experience and I hope I would be able to teach someone what you’ve taught me.”

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