Crocheted Plastic Bag Bags

I made a few new crocheted plastic bag bags recently. I gave the pink one to my sister and the blue one to my boss.


I usually just string the colors together randomly, but this time I wanted to try something slightly different.

So for the blue bag, I tried to be systematic about stringing the colors in a particular order. The resulting pattern looked like plaid diagonal stripes. I think it turned out pretty cool!


3 responses

  1. I love this idea….I have so many plastic bags and I’ve started making my own bags and have asked everyone at my work place to bring me their plastic shopping bags, newspaper bags, bread bags. What a good way to recycle and put plastic bags to use instead of just throwing them away. I’m glad and proud to see that you have taken the effort to spread the good word!!

  2. Absolutely Amazing! I was actually involved in a similar project in India- The Plastic Project. We crocheted waste plastic bags and made all kinds of cool things. I made the purse I use everyday! Spread this wonderful idea!!!

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