Want to learn about plastic bag recycling, invite me to teach a workshop, ask a question, or just say hello? The best way to contact me is via e-mail or through the various links below. With all that I’m currently juggling, I am struggling to keep this Website updated and respond to individual comments.

Note About Plastic Bag Crochet Patterns:

If you’re contacting me to ask how to make something, please note that I don’t use patterns. All my creations are just made up as I go along, so I probably won’t be much help with specific instructions. With that said, I tried my best to document how to make a plastic bag tote bag and I created a page with a few other links to plastic bag crochet pattern ideas. I’m also happy to help with any general questions you have about crocheting with plarn or crocheting in general.

Completely new to crochet? I would suggest watching basic tutorials on YouTube. You’ll learn that it’s really very easy.

Already a crocheter, but new to plarn? Anything you make with regular yarn you can make with plarn as well. Here are some basic instructions and design ideas to get you started.

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6 responses

  1. Hello –
    I am travelling to New Delhi (with my husband for his business) and have been very inspired by your project! I will only be available 4 days this trip, so I have not been successful in finding a volunteer slot … so perhaps I’ll pack a bunch of extra crochet hooks and some scissors and make some new friends while I wander around the city 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I was do happy to find your site! I make dog mats….. No one wants them😠…. So I was looking for more patterns because I was getting bags from a friend who works for a hospital so I have a bacement full of bags of bags!!!!

    The only pattern I can’t find is that circle bottom huge back pack with one or two straps!

    Also the bags I have are plain clear bags but the make a great thick product…. Do you have any suggestions on how to put some color on them?
    Your awesome thanks!

  3. Hi Cristen. Just came across your blog. My name is Jude, Jude Henry. I love crochet, have been crocheting non stop, my husband likes to say, for the past 5-6years. At the moment I’m living in Kathmandu Nepal with my husband, Blair, and our 12yr old son Willis.My husband is a long term volunteer with Uniterra, a Canadian Volunteer placement organization. Prior to Kathmandu we were living in Maun Botswana for the past 3 1/2 years. In Botswana I started volunteering with a women economic empowerment project teaching crochet, more like trying to teach crochet. Anyways, in Botswana I noticed plastic bags lying around and started to think about plarn. Sorry to say I never did anything with the plastics there. This past Feb we moved to Kathmandu and I couldn’t ignore the plastic bag situation. Plastic bags everywhere. So I went on line and learnt how to make plarn and started crocheting. I’m very green but I figure the more I work with the plarn the better I’ll get. My plan is to learn to plarn then start teaching the local women hoping for a double whammy! A women’s economic empowerment project and plastic recycling project. Maybe even include plastic bottles etc. So I guess I’m asking for advise, any tips and hints how you teach plarn crochet.Do you start be teaching crochet with yarn or start by teaching to make plarn? Tips about working with plarn. Already I find that I need to run the strips of plastic thru my hand to ‘crunch’ it bit.That makes it easier to tie and get a small knot. I like the look of your site and love the name. I would be happy to link up with bagsbegone. I figure I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.My goal is too keep the plastic out of the garbage and empower the local women with a new skill and perhaps a way of making money.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice, tips, help is greatly appreciated. Jude

  4. Love your blog and what you do with all of those plastic bags. In regards to your comet “I wish cheap, good quality crochet hooks were easier to come by”. “Anyone have any ideas”? I have one idea: I was crocheting t-shirt rugs and needed a hook large enough to do the ~ 1 inch strips. So I asked my boyfriend if he could make me one from a wooden dowel. In less than 10 minutes he had it done. I love it and have used it many times. It’s very durable too. Maybe this is something you can look into, Dowels come in many sizes and are inexpensive. Several hooks can be made from one dowel. They can be painted making cute designs, stained or just left natural. The possibilities are endless. Good luck and keep on blogging.

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