I’m often asked to teach workshops or give crochet demonstrations at events (here’s a list of recent workshops I’ve been involved in).

At all of these events, it’s helpful to have a bunch of spare crochet hooks for people to practice with.

Do you want to help support my plastic bag crochet workshops?

Here’s how you can help:

  • Send me crochet hooks – Have any spare crochet hooks you’re willing to donate to my cause? I’d be happy to take them off of your hands. Any type of crochet hook will do, but larger sizes (J-K-L) are best for my projects.
  • Donate money – Want to donate money so I can purchase wholesale crochet hooks on my own? Feel free to contact me ( or send me money through PayPal.


4 responses

  1. I work with adults who have disabilities and was trying to set u a manufacturing company to do this and hiring those clients I work with as well as the ex-felon population. both groups have difficulty finding employment. My idea was to do much of the work using machines since it is so labor intensive by hand with the plastic bags. The main purpose of this company would be to recycle plastic bags and hire those who have not been able to find work.
    Do you think this is a workable idea?

    • That sounds like a great idea. There’s an interesting company we found called Daman Ganga that recycles tetra packs on an industrial scale. Could be a good resource. Their roofing sheets made of recycled tetra packs are amazing.

    • I apologize for SUCH a late response. I’ve been focused on other projects for the time being and haven’t logged into this for awhile to be able to see comments. I have plenty of hooks at the moment, but thank you so much for the offer! I do know of a group doing plastic bag crochet in India now, so could connect you with them once I learn more about what their needs are.

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