USA Today’s Guide To Green Living – It’s Plastic! It’s Yarn! It’s Plarn

Daily Texan – Local Artists Promote Green Message Through Recycled Creations

KOOP Radio – Interview with Abigail Manke, host of Inner Views – A Crochet Plastic Bag A Day Save The Planet

Mumbai Action – Trash Turned to Treasure

FashionFad – Fashionably Plastic

Food For Life Vrindavan Newsletter – Cristen Andrews Transforms Trash Into Treasure

Interview on Jago Mumbai, Sabishi Shankar’s Live Alive Program – Radio Show ( was featured in an interview on Bandra’s community radio station in Mumbai, India)

Hostelling International – Congratulations to Cristen Rene, Southwest Texas Council Travel Scholoarship Winner

Craft Gossip Blog – Plarn Worldwide Extraordinare

Craft Magazine Video Podcast – Plastic Bag Crochet on Pinterest

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