Special Thanks

Hostelling International Austin


Lydia Garry

Tamra Andrews

Joyce & Basil Andrews

Carlton & Martica Andrews

Michael Griffin

Isobel Price

Bob Tait

Zack Phillips

Randy Dalton

Ian Blair

Agnes Sekowski

Bonnie Wilson

Roberta Dzeima

Lynn Johanna

Jenna Timm

Tia Cook-Haus

Wendy Hershey

Akua Designs

Beth Fisher

Mary Petrich-Guy

Suzanne Cohen

Claire McCutchon

Kimberly Carroll

Kathy Pinckney

2 responses

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  2. Delightful surprise in the mail today from Miguel. Truly enjoyed the Thank You Card with message and photos. Especially liked the “Elephant Poo” card paper and very inventive envelope. Excellent recycle projects.

    Since all of us who are environmentally minded are not able to travel with you happy to be of help. Be sure to let us know about your future ventures.

    Keep up the good work – you and your team are very much appreciated.

    LynnJ AKA LadyWillow

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