Kickstarter Project Launch!

I recently discovered an awesome site called Kickstarter. It’s basically a crowd sourced fundraising platform for creative projects and artistic endeavors.

Once the Kickstarter team approves a project, the artist can set a funding goal, timeline, and rewards for different pledge amounts. Then people from around the world can chip in to help fund the project. The money pledged will only be collected from supporters if the project reaches 100 percent or more of its funding goal (so if the goal isn’t reached in the time allotted, the artist gets none of the pledges).

I think Kickstarter is a great resource. It’s also a great way of leveraging social media to gain support for creative ideas and offbeat projects – projects that would otherwise have a hard time getting funding from traditional sources.

My Kickstarter project just got approved and today is its official launch date! I’m pretty excited and am confident that I can raise the support necessary to meet my funding goal.

Wanna support my project (or just visit the site and view the cool video Miguel and I just made?)

You can visit my Kickstarter project here.