Kickstarter Project Launch!

I recently discovered an awesome site called Kickstarter. It’s basically a crowd sourced fundraising platform for creative projects and artistic endeavors.

Once the Kickstarter team approves a project, the artist can set a funding goal, timeline, and rewards for different pledge amounts. Then people from around the world can chip in to help fund the project. The money pledged will only be collected from supporters if the project reaches 100 percent or more of its funding goal (so if the goal isn’t reached in the time allotted, the artist gets none of the pledges).

I think Kickstarter is a great resource. It’s also a great way of leveraging social media to gain support for creative ideas and offbeat projects – projects that would otherwise have a hard time getting funding from traditional sources.

My Kickstarter project just got approved and today is its official launch date! I’m pretty excited and am confident that I can raise the support necessary to meet my funding goal.

Wanna support my project (or just visit the site and view the cool video Miguel and I just made?)

You can visit my Kickstarter project here.

Plastic Bag Crochet in India?

I’m heading to India!

Well, let me back up a bit first.

Last year I embarked on a year-long trip around the world. While the trip wasn’t about crochet teaching, I did quite a bit of it during my travels (teaching various impromptu workshops to people in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Iceland, etc.) I wasn’t in any of these countries long enough to do this on a larger scale, but there has been lots of interest in my idea and I’ve always envisioned turning my concept into a self sustaining project – one that shows people they can have a direct impact on reducing waste in their community AND use their new skill to raise funds for improving their living conditions.

I recently spent two months in India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Mumbai to be exact) and knew I’d go back someday. Luckily the opportunity to return has happened sooner than I thought and I’ll be back in India this summer (in Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Delhi). I’m eager to see if I can work on a project that combines my interest in teaching crochet, my passion for recycling, and my love for India.

Obviously there are a lot of details to work out before anything huge can happen, but this is a start.

This particular trip will be about traveling around, teaching plastic bag crochet to whoever wants to learn, and meeting with organizations that are already promoting plastic recycling projects. Once I’ve found an area where I’m comfortable pursuing a larger project and have selected a community that can directly benefit from it, I’ll return for a longer time period to try and make it happen.

More details about my upcoming trip here.