Crocheted Luchador Outfit

I crocheted this luchador costume a while ago, but just never got around to posting it.

It’s not made from plastic bags, but I thought it would still be of interest to fellow crocheters.

I actually made it for a Vanna White Contest last year (she apparently has her own brand of yarn). While it wasn’t selected as one of the winners, I’m still really glad I made it. I wore for Halloween this year and several friends have worn it for various costume parties.

Here are some photos and my description of the outfit:

This Mexican wrestler costume can be worn by both men and women. Mexican wrestlers (or luchadores) have become iconic symbols of Mexican culture. Their outfits generally consist of simple color combinations so that the specific wrestler is easily distinguishable. While I created my own pattern and did not model it after a particular wrestler, I stuck with a similar style and transformed a few basic colors of yarn into an entire Mexican wrestler outfit. I constructed a belt, leg warmers, arm warmers, and a mask (complete with a mohawk and horns). Lucha libre, which translates literally as “Free Wrestling” has been popular in Mexico since the 1930s. You can learn more about it here.